Exhibiting Smart Mobility Technology

The new Smart Columbus Experience Center is packed with technology from the likes of AT&T, IBM, a number of automakers and several Central Ohio startups and established businesses.

The city of Columbus, Ohio won $40 million from the U.S. Department of Transportation and $10 million from the Allen foundation to design procedures that other cities can follow to use electric vehicles and internet connectivity to make transportation safer, more efficient and better at getting people in need to jobs and medical visits.

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The office section has conference rooms and 40 desks for the public-private initiative of the city and Columbus Partnership as well as participating companies and research organizations.

The public space has interactive displays where visitors can explore initiatives of Smart Columbus, whether they want to learn more about installing solar panels or switching to an electric vehicle. Smart Columbus will host periodic events to test drive electric vehicles from a base in the attached parking garage.



KCI Works collaborated with Construction Services Inc, to engineer and build the new reception counter and kitchen/hospitality area of the new experience center. The new Smart Columbus Experience Center has received rave reviews from the public sector, community leaders and key stakeholders.